2015 Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Nevada Film Festival!

Grand Jury Award

Pop Star Puppy directed by Andrew Van Slee

Special Jury Award

Stealth directed by Bennett Lasseter

Special Jury Award

Stickup Kid directed by Caitlin McNally

Best Comedy

It’s Not A Date directed by Barry Pollack

Best Director

Tom in America directed by Flavio Alves

Best Documentary Feature

Rwanda & Juliet directed by Ben Proudfoot

Best Documentary Short

First Ascent- Kuyang Chhish East directed by Matteo Vettorel

Best Feature

Birds of Neptune directed by Steven Richter

Best Short

Valiant directed by Robin Phillips

Best Environmental Film

The Anthropologist directed by Daniel A. Miller, Seth Kramer, Jeremy Newbergern

Best Foreign Film

Oh! My Princess directed by Heewook SA

Best Music Video

Destiny Arises directed by Michael Addison

Best Nevada Film

The Three Es directed by Jason Aaron Goldberg

Best Screenplay

The Ashes of Brush Flats directed by Mark Carey

Best Animation

Dji. Death Sails directed by Dmitri Voloshin

Best Television Pilot

The Brewhaha Show directed by Roberto Serrini

Best Student Film

Bandito directed by Evan Ari Kelman

Best Experimental Film

Heartbreak & Beauty directed by Genevieve Clay-Smith, Robin Bryan, Libby Banks, Nathan Basha

Best First-time Filmmaker

Run Away With Me directed by Eren Ozkural

2015 Platinum Reel Award Winners

Animated Film Competition

Switch Man directed by Hsun-Chun Chuang, Shao-Kuei Tong
Little bird directed by SangHo Lee
The Cat Thief directed by Jonathan Raines

Documentary Short Competition

Confessions directed by Paul Erskine
Blazekid Warrior directed by Raymond W. Olson
Raised in the South of Normal directed by Daniel Espeut

Documentary Feature Competition

I Want to Live directed by Karzan Kardozi
Cowboy Christmas directed by H.D. Motyl
The Discussion II directed by GEN-ERIC
Dreadlocks Story directed by Linda Ainouche
Play Until Your Fingers Bleed directed by Christian Capucci
Decoding Baqtundirected by Elizabeth Ligia Thieriot
Mon père, la révolution et moi directed by Ufuk Emiroglu
Kolor Struck directed by Morocco Vaughn
INK180 directed by Joel Mains

Experimental Film Competition

The Veteran Hour directed by Hamlet Sarkissian and Donatella Gomelsky-Guchard
No End directed by Josephine Massarella

Feature Film Competition

Chasing Rainbows directed by Robert Fritz
M Cream directed by Agneya Singh, Aban Raza
RZ-9 directed by Iain Carson
The Taking directed by Dominic Brunt
The Boatman directed by Greg Morgan
Oridevudoy directed by Sriram Vegaraju

Music Video Competition

Don't Be Judgin' Me directed by Daniel Espeut

Short Film Competition

Infinite directed by Ryan Stratton
Neighbor of the Beast directed by Kendall A Christianson
Thom & Gerry directed by Nate Hapke
A Stork Story directed by Javier Enrique Perez
Simpler Times directed by Steve Monarque
Keeper of the Past directed by Marco J. Riedl
Noir City directed by Nicholas Zebrun
Jukebox Rebel Baby directed by Tyler Onassis
Broke Juke directed by Anthony E. Cabral
PEARL directed by Amy Sedgwick

TV Pilot Competition

Land of Kings directed by Wayne Wilson , Bhavani Lee

Student Film Competition

Lovestruck! The Musical directed by Gary Groth
Here & There directed by Dyaa Alshikh
Unmistaken directed by Carlos Dorsey
The Lotus Gun directed by Amanda Milius
The Adventure of PalchinGiri Begins directed by Pal Vardhman, Chin Vardhman

Nevada Film Competition

The Red Man directed by Jimmie Gonzalez
A.K.A. The Surgeon directed by Jason Anthony Fisher
The Ashes of Brush Flats directed by Mark Carey

Environmental Film Competition

Greater Sage-Grouse: Emblem of the American West directed by Tatiana Gettelman
The Rainforests Are Under Threat directed by Jerome Dolbert

First-time Filmmaker Competition

Malady directed by Jack James
The Island of Grace directed by Andrew Fitzgerald
Five Chairs directed by Glida Bothwell
The Missing View directed by Xiaolei Zhao
Assumption of Risk directed by Mark Kochanowicz
Tai Chi directed by Sheng Fei, Rosen Andonov
The Profesional directed by Taras Demian Groves

2015 Gold Reel Award Winners

Animated Film Competition

My Kingdom directed by Debra Solomon

Documentary Feature Competition

The Final Story 1966 directed by Peter Dickson
She's The Best Thing In It directed by Ron Nyswaner
The Sum Total of Our Memory: Facing Alzheimer's Together directed by Barbara Klutinis
Apocalyptica: Theme & Variations directed by Kevin J. Custer
USA Pproject directed by Miguel Herrero Herrero
Children's Planet directed by Ranjit Koka

Documentary Short Competition

Mutti - punkrock was my first love directed by directed by Mathais Sohn
Conscious Dream directed by Federico Telerman, Nicolas Uboldi
Pioneers directed by Grace Harper
Auction Insider: The John Zimmer Collection directed by Eric Benson

Experimental Film Competition

INFRASTRUCTURES directed by Aurèle Ferrier

Feature Film Competition

Journeyman directed by Matthew weaver
Crossing Streets directed by Marc A Hutchins
Keep In Touch directed by Sam Kretchmar
All in Time directed by Marina Donahue, Chris Fetchko
Dheeyan Marjania - The Forgotten Daughters directed by Ashok Tangri
Clem Junebug – Ghost Detective directed by Béla Peter Pfundt

Music Video Competition

Away directed by Rodney Daughtrey

Nevada Film Competition

Dark Horizon directed by Robert Flummerfelt
Suicide Party #SaveDave directed by Alex Zinzopoulos, Jack Skyyler

Short Film Competition

Prelude to Axanar directed by Christian Gossett
The Jungle Of Jules Levine directed by Michael John Edgar Mileham
Total Awesome Viking Power directed by Morten Forland
Di Chaansi Nayba Dehn directed by Jeff Breuer
The Last Catch directed by Matthew Paris
End of Summer directed by Calvin Gibbon
The Phoenix Project directed by Jonathan L. Bowen
Disceptatio directed by Tobias Wolters, Tim Gerrit Augurzke
The Laws of Attraction directed by Andreas Graf
All For Love: The Dance directed by Michael J. Harris
Mist Encounter directed by Elad Nohovich

Student Film Competition

Chaos directed by Ibrahim Nada
The Schoolboy directed by Paloma Lommel
Romanian directed by Artur Boruzs

Environmental Film Competition

The Storm Downstream directed by Jesseca Simmons
Furthest from the wild directed by Alex Tello
Number 32 directed by Linnea Langkammer

First-time Filmmaker Competition

HOT directed by Victor Warren
Best Man in the Dark directed by Alfred Padilla
Popolo directed by Edo Natasha
Quivera directed by Kevin Kisling
Getting to First Grade directed by Marc Mozga
Burst Theory directed by Zac Page
Mama's Home directed by Nikhail Asnani

2015 Silver Screen Award Winners

Animated Film Competition

Sezar Alkassab: David directed by Sezar Alkassab

Documentary Feature Competition

The Two Dollar Bill Documentary directed by John Bennardo
I.U directed by Hamid Reza Mohseni
West 4th St: Portrait of a Park directed by Simeon Soffer
A Deep Breath to End directed by Hamid Reza Mohseni
Know Your Freedom directed by Supriya Srinivas, Ghalia Al Aqili
The Cost of Construction directed by Jordan Ehrlich

Documentary Short Competition

Farming in Fear directed by Sean W. Malone
After 9/11 directed by Ranjit Koka
Hour of Code directed by Chris Turner
Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball directed by Drew Taylor, Matthew Taylor

Experimental Film Competition

14 DAYS directed by Joseph Villapaz
The Eve directed by Luca Machnich

Feature Film Competition

DIABLO directed by Lawrence Roeck
Seven Devils directed by Ben Rider
Simple Little Lives directed by Shoja Azari
DARIA directed by Colin Downey
Non-Stop to Comic-Con directed by Randy Van Dyke, David Edmundson
Republic of Dreams directed by Michael Lasoff, Oskar K. Smith, Assistant Director

Music Video Competition

Hallelujah - The Soul of a Sad Clown directed by Gary Yost

Nevada Film Competition

Table Manners directed by Ingrid Nachstern

Short Film Competition

Night is meant for sleeping directed by Adrien Costello
A Shadow of Dara directed by Kirill Proskura
Purgatory Saloon directed by Robert Wesley Knight
Making A Killing directed by Justin Head
"The End" aka "John Doe" directed by The Garabedian Brothers
The Art of Human Salvage directed by Dempsey Tillman
Zero directed by David Victori
Born Dead: A Zombie Parable directed by Mark Baird
Bagged: The Vanden Cox Story directed by Jonathan Moody
Batman and Jimbo directed by Angus Mullane

Student Film Competition

Playthings directed by Brian Boenau, Bryan Loy
Doll directed by Diana Avhadieva
Awaken directed by Bruce Sze Han Chen
Take a Stand directed by Austin Fickman
The Emotional Dimensions of the James River directed by Michelle Marquez
Persuasion directed by Mattson Tomlin

First-time Filmmaker Competition

Where Hearts Lie directed by Tony Lindsay
Normandy Is My Name directed by Jim Russell
The Stain directed by Michael Perez de Tagle
Dual City directed by Yokna HASEGAWA
37 directed by Chris Brugge
Blurred Reality directed by Jeffrey Fox


2015 Screenplay Winners

Grand Prize: Text Messages to God written by David Bryant Perkins

1st place: Derek Dickens & The Dream written by Phil Valentine
2nd Place: The Fall of Evening Thunder written by Mark Axelrod
3rd Place: Grace written by Lynda Lemberg, Jeffrey Allen Russel

Best TV Screenplay Winners

Grand Prize: No Questions Asked written by Graham Currin

1st place: Escape/Artist written by Alan R. Baxter
2nd place: HI Conflict written by Robert Barclay
3rd place: The Cherry Room written by Christine Stevens DeLorenzo

Best Short Screenplays
Lucky Jim written by Steve Deery
American Hearts written by George Milelli, Jr.


Official Finalists
Level 1- The Game Begins written by Carla Small, Richard Small, Nicholas Small
Fountain Of Age written by Richard Corman
Miss C written by Kelly Jean Karam
Massacre at Pilrims' Pass written by Thomas M. Lister. Ed.D.
Valley of Spirits written by Warren R Hull
The Key For Hope written by Federico Ferrero
Murder Ballad written by Maxwell Thomas
The Ghost And The Bomb written by Gerald Berns & David Field
Jaidee written by Clint Morey
Caretaker written by Palmer Edward
A Terrorist from Hamburg written by Andrea Calabrese
A Cool Strange written by Fabian Martin
Steel Harvest written by Christiaan Kutlik
Blood Work written by Tom Grady
Long Way Home written by Emily Koopman