2013 Films & Showtimes

Eventbrite - 2013 Nevada International Film Festival

Grand Jury Award
Guest House directed by Aaron Wolf
Saturday, December 7, 5:40pm (Short Film Block 3)
Lance Wesley lost his job and fiancee on the same day. Depressed and downtrodden, he moves back into his parents' Guesthouse where he spent his youth. As he fights constantly with his frustrated and less-than-patient father, relics from his past pay him a visit. Will his past propel him forward?
Special Jury Award
Tales From the Organ Trade directed by Ric Esther Bienstock
Saturday, December 7, 1:20PM
A gritty and unflinching descent into the shadowy world of black-market organ trafficking: the street-level brokers, the rogue surgeons, the impoverished men and women who are willing to sacrifice a slice of their own bodies for a quick payday.
Special Jury Award
Hope For Hurting Hearts directed by Dwight Thompson
Saturday, December 7, 10:45AM
Narrated by Dr. James Dobson, Hope for Hurting Hearts tells the stories of how Greg and Cathe Laurie, Jeremy Camp, Nick Vujicic, and their families dealt with times of trial.
Special Jury Award
Franky and The Ant directed by Billy Hayes
Saturday, December 7, 5:40pm (Short Film Block 3)
Franky has been betrayed and everyone close to him soon discovers that vengeance is not what he seeks. He wants a lot more than that.
Best Actor
Tatanka Means, Derby Kings directed by Valerie Bischoff
Saturday, December 7, 2:45pm (Short Film Block 2)
The film follows Jim Sundell (Tatanka Means) as he struggles to make sure his younger brother Ace appears at an impending trial. With the local demolition derby looming, Ace makes a bold move that forces Jim to step far outside of his comfort zone.
Best Comedy
Diji. Death Fails directed by Dmitri Voloshin
Saturday, December 7, 12:10pm (Short Film Block 1)
Dji is an unusual death. The Dark Knight has appeared in a different form. No, he is not white and fluffy. Dji is just terribly unlucky. All he has to do is to take the soul of a dying man. But the screenwriters prepared some obstacles for Dji. Will he manage to overcome them? You'll see.
Best Director
Red directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples
Saturday, December 7, 2:45pm (Short Film Block 2)
Red, an African-American woman in Texas, is known for her flaming red hair and fiery ways. Crushed by the sudden death of her beloved grandmother, Mother Mabel, a grieving Red returns home to find that her lover has left; stealing her heart and Mabel’s most treasured possession. As the funeral procession begins, Red must reclaim all that is rightfully hers.
Best Documentary
Furever directed by Amy Finkel
Saturday, December 7, 4:15PM
Furever is a quirky, educational, feature-length documentary that explores the dimensions of grief people experience over the loss of a pet. It examines the sociological evolution of pets in the U.S. today, particularly their position in a family unit, and how this evolution is affecting those in the veterinary profession and death care industry.
Best Documentary Short
Families are Forever directed by Vivian Kleiman
Saturday, December 7, 2:45pm (Short Film Block 2)
Directed by Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, Vivian Kleiman (Always My Son, Frameline34),Families Are Forever offers a powerful glimpse into the life of a Mormon Family in a conservative California community as they journey from door-knocking in favor of Proposition 8 to acceptance of their adolescent gay son.
Best Feature
Stars directed by Derrick Borte
Saturday, December 7, 9:00am
Glen is on a drunken road trip when he plots to commit suicide on his birthday. His decision sends him on a spirited adventure that exposes his troubled soul to the simple beauty of life.
Best Foreign Film
Justice For My Sister directed by Kimberly Bautista
Saturday, December 7, 6:55pm
Adela, 27, left home for work one day and never returned. Her ex-boyfriend beat her until she was unrecognizable and left her at the side of the road. Adela's sister Rebeca, 34, is determined to see that Adela's killer is held accountable.
Best Music Video
Flight Facilities - 'Clair de Lune' directed by Dave Ma
Saturday, December 7, 12:10pm (Short Film Block 1)
Directed by Dave Ma, the beautiful 7-minute-long visuals for Flight Facilities’ dreamy track “Clair De Lune” follow two young girls who spend their time on late night drives, stopping to steal from off licenses and watching the city lights from the top of hills.
Best Nevada Film
The Heeler directed by Brett Edwards
Saturday, December 7, 5:40pm (Short Film Block 3)
Ty Cooper is forced to find a new heeler when his partner and mentor Roscoe is unable to compete in the upcoming World Series of Team Roping.
Best Screenplay
Ellen is Leaving directed by Michelle Savill
Saturday, December 7, 2:45pm (Short Film Block 2)
Ellen is cool. She is recycling stuff before she heads overseas including her boyfriend. She decides to gift him a new girlfriend, but can she really give him up?
Best Animation
Sleight of Hand directed by Michael Cusack
Saturday, December 7, 12:10pm (Short Film Block 1)
Sleight of Hand is the latest stop motion animation from Anifex, based in South Australia. At 10 minutes, the short film is a reflection on our concepts of free will and destiny. Just how free are we to make our own choices?
Best Sci-Fi
MicroTime directed by Nir Yaniv
Saturday, December 7, 5:40pm (Short Film Block 3)
Bernie Eckstein, a young physics PhD student, is about to test the time machine he has built out of the microwave oven in his kitchen. He sets a camera to document the experiment - but it takes him some time to realize that he needs to remove the lens cover.
Best Short
Dotty directed by Mick Andrews & Brett O'Gorman
Saturday, December 7, 2:45pm (Short Film Block 2)
Sitting on her bed in a run-down rest home, Dotty is desperate to send a text message to her daughter. When her morning cup of tea arrives, Dotty manages to rope someone else into her long battle with technology.
Best Television Pilot
The Rocky Mountain Experience - Bull Riding directed by Rick Higgins
Saturday, December 7, 12:10pm (Short Film Block 1)
Rick and Brian Higgins explore the Rocky Mountains through challenging activities in off the beaten path locations with unique local characters.
Best Television Commercial
Nike: Dare to Live directed by Carlos Hurtado
Saturday, December 7, 12:10pm (Short Film Block 1)
Trent Cornelius played at University of Washington on a scholarship. In his first year, he got injured. Trent later went on to become a teacher and a coach. He realized along the way that your failures don't define who you are. Your failures only define your greatest achievements - if you keep pushing.